Distance Learning Junior Bookkeeping Courses

Certified Distance Learning Junior Bookkeeping Courses


Why should I study Junior Accounting?

A Junior Bookkeeper is primarily responsible for, amongst other functions:
  • The conclusion of the regular monthly accounting function to trial,
  • Provider declaration reconciliation
  • Inventory systems and bank statement reconciliation,
  • Computation of PAYE/ SDL/ UIF compensation and the monthly EMP deductions and conclusion of the month-to-month EMP201 returns,
  • Completion of annual IRP 5, IRP 6 and IT 3a files, EMP501 and VAT201 return utilizing both manual the manual submission system and E-filing.

How will this course be structured?

In order to complete the National Certificate in Bookkeeping, students will need to finish all the list below subjects:
  • Introduction to Company English
  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Payroll and Month-to-month SARS Returns
  • Computerised Accounting
  • Company Literacy

How will I be examined?

Assessment is based upon the submission of a Portfolio of Proof (PoE) which will comprise 3 developmental activities, 2 developmental evaluations and one summative assessment. PoE assessment comprises formative/ interim assessment of activities (assignments) and assessments (tests) that count 30% towards the overall mark. A Summative Assessment (last exam) contributes to the remaining 70% of your marks. The PoE is essentially a file containing all the evidence needed for a learner to be stated skilled against the relevant outcomes.  

For how long is the course?

18– 20 months  

What certificate will I get?

You will be awarded with a National Certificate in Bookkeeping (Junior Accounting) from FASSET. You will be granted with a Programme Conclusion Certificate from the ICB. As Skills Academy worths education and cares about our students, your completion award will be sent out to you via carrier so that you receive it as soon as possible and with no delays.Below is an example of exactly what your ICB certificate will appear like.  

When can I begin?

You can start today! Fill in the type and a friendly Student Expert will contact you to ensure this is the best course for you.  

Can I study ICB Bookkeeping if I don’t have a Matric Certificate?

Yes, you can study ICB Accounting without Matric. All the ICB courses start at NQF level 3. And they increase to NQF level 6. In comparison, matric is at NQF level 4. So these courses are available for student who do not have matric. Trainees start at a level below matric. Keep studying the program, and course by course you will rise up the NQF level 6, which is two levels higher than matric. The ICB has established their courses to help students who did not total school, and who has to work and study at the same time. So you begin with the simple concepts and work, and construct on that foundation, till you are ultimately an expert! As a home study trainee you can study an hour after work, three or 4 times weekly. With five examination opportunities in 2017, you understand that as quickly as you are ready, you can register for the next exam. This is how you develop your certifications; action by step. As you progress with the program, you will get recognition at the different levels. After ending up the first 4 subjects, you will get your very first qualifications from FASSET, and your very first ICB Programme Certificate.   Distance Learning Junior Bookkeeping Courses  

Why Study Bookkeeping?

In South Africa accounting and accounting are scarce skills. That implies that both market and federal government recognise that we have a scarcity of accountants and accountants. The government body for qualifications in the monetary sector, FASSET, has done a study on scarce skills in 2015. From that study they published their Scarce Skills Guide 2015. FASSET is the SETA for Financing, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Providers. In their scarce skills guide they recognized the following as scarce skills:
  • Trainee Accountant
  • Financing Manager
  • General Accountant
  • Accounts Clerk
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Debt Collector
These are all positions for which an ICB accounting course will prepare you appropriately. Your accounting certification will guarantee that you are continuously in demand. It is a fantastic profession that can take you to the highest level in an organisation. The shortage of accounting abilities also impacts government departments. All government departments have accounting and bookkeeping divisions. And they work every year to get an effective audit. To get a clean audit indicates that they need experienced, licensed, dedicated and experienced bookkeeping and accounting personnel and supervisors. As a certified bookkeeper or accounting professional, you will constantly remain in demand. Either in private service, or in a federal government department, which can include both towns, together with bigger nationwide federal government departments.  

How does Home Study Work?

Correspondence course, Correspondence Education and Part-Time Research studies are all the very same example. They all describe a college whose trainees study from home. That suggests the trainees can operate in the daytime, and after that study nights and weekends. Distance Learning is the very best option for working people who needs to make an income, however at the specific very same time have to improve their qualifications. When you select a home study college, you have to carefully take a look at a variety of things that identify them. Home study colleges do not all work specifically the exact same. So here are the essential things you need to look at closely, prior to choosing where to study:
  • Study Materials, Study Notes and Textbooks
  • Shipment and Speed
  • Hidden Costs
  • Study Material Appropriate for Home Study Trainees
  • Pacing Your Learning
  • Help from your Speakers and Tutors
  • Online Study hall
  • Academic Assistance
  • Out-of-date Study Materials
  • Enough Time To Complete Your Course
  • The Right Recommendations
  • Distance Learning Study Materials, Study Notes and Textbooks
  • They all explain a college whose trainees study from home. When you choose a home study college, you need to carefully have a look at a variety of things that differentiate them. Home study colleges do not all work exactly the exact same.

Study Products, Study Notes and Textbooks

Your study notes and books are important to your distance learning studies. So you need to make sure that the study notes and textbooks you will require, are consisted of in your course charges. You have to get the proper book and proper distance learning study products. No, the college will not supply you pens and paper. That you typically get yourself. However they should provide the proper distance study products. Your study books, notes and jobs must all be consisted of in your course charges. Impressive study product is written in an easy-to-understand method. The study notes are comprised of bits that are little enough that you can do one location in your everyday study time. The product begins with simple principles, and guarantees you comprehend the basics, prior to continuing to more complicated work.  

Delivery and Speed

A few of the older correspondence and distance learning colleges may still send your study material through the Post Office. This can delay your distance learning research studies. Make particular to ask if they constantly express your study products. You will find that some correspondence colleges carrier your first and 2nd bundle of distance education study materials, nevertheless later on they send out the rest by means of the Post Office. So you ought to ask extremely completely about how ALL your distance learning study notes will be sent to you. If your college holds up your distance learning study products, it indicates you are paying, however you can not study. Paying for time that you can not study is bad at all! From your side you have to comprehend how the carrier organisation works. This is why most trainees choose to have their distance learning study materials couriered to their work environment. The express business will call you prior to sending your delivery. So you must guarantee to provide a phone number that you will resolve when they call you. It is quite frustrating to learn they wished to provide, but they may not acquire you on the phone!  

Hidden Expenses

With distance learning there many potential concealed expenditures. You must inquire about those expenditures. Here are a few of the concerns you need to ask:
  • Are all your study materials (consisting of books) consisted of in your course expense?
  • Is the supplier expenditures consisted of in your course charges?
  • How and when must you pay your evaluation charges? Normally this is not consisted of in the course expenditure.
  • Exactly exactly what about ICB Student Membership charges? What does it cost? is this?
  • When must you pay it?
  • When you miss out on a payment, bursaries that are cancelled. Did you get a bursary? Does it get cancelled if you miss a regular month-to-month payment?
  • Exists a yearly registration expense? Or do you just pay the registration expenditure when?

Study materials Appropriate for Home Study Students

Impressive correspondence study material is made up particularly for correspondence knowing students. Since you do not have a speaker in front of you, the distance learning study products have to “have the tutor inside the notes”. That recommends that the notes “speak” to you like a lecturer. Your distance learning study materials ought to be overall with workouts and examples. You study a bit at a time. And you do jobs to see if you understood the bit you discovered. The study material we use has in fact been composed especially for correspondence learning students. You will find it easy and extremely friendly to use!  

Pacing Your Education

When you study from home, you have to prepare your learning. You need to think about how much you will study every day and just how much weekly. When we send you your study notes and books, we generally send out one subject at a time. For trainees who wish to study much faster, we send 2 topics. The factor we do this is to make sure that you do not get stayed with old distance learning study products. The ICB books are updated every year. And if you have the old book, then you will have to pay extra to buy the brand-new book. We help you speed your distance learning research studies by assisting you in developing a study calendar for the year. In this way you can move through your studies as quickly as you desire.  

Assist from your Speakers and Tutors

The college has a group of qualified speakers and tutors to assist you. You can telephone or email your concerns. Numerous students make use of our online study groups. If you ask them, they will inform you of their own study experiences through correspondence course. And the majority of them are currently busy with post-graduate distance education research studies. So you will get help from tutors who understand what it appears like to be a home study student!  

Online Study Groups

We provide online study groups for all our ICB students, through our partners at TogetherWePass. In your online study group you will discover other students, in addition to your lecturers and tutors. The online study hall also deal with the web browser on your phone, so you can check-in with your group when you take a break in your work day! In your online study hall you can ask concerns, share your experiences along with help other students. Discussing the work you study to another student is one of the finest techniques to make sure your own understanding is strong. It is a fantastic strategy to find out, and to make a favorable contribution to the lives of your fellow students. If you need a private conversation with your speaker along with another trainee, then you can pick the private chat function. You will find that your speaker and your fellow students assist and affect you every day! It is just so a lot simpler to study when you comprehend other students are likewise working to get their qualifications when you get yours.  

Academic Assistance

Our scholastic support system includes your speakers and tutors. We likewise have academic administration personnel who will help you with a few of your more administrative needs. When you require a letter for your business, or a statement of outcomes, or order more correspondence course study materials, the scholastic support men will be assisting you. If you require greater level intervention with a tough issue, you will have the ability to talk to the Academic Head of the college. She gets along and useful, and she gets things done!  

Out-of-date Study Materials

You need to prepare your studies correctly, so that you do not sit with outdated distance learning study products prior to you have actually made up the test on that distance learning study materials. Remember, the distance learning study products are updated regularly. You need to know you will have the capability to do a test in the next 3 or four month when you get the distance learning study materials and books for your next topic. If you suddenly discover that you have time to study, and you require an extra topic, you can rapidly buy the next topic from us. We constantly company, so for a great deal of students residing in the cities and huge towns, you will not wait more than a week. It takes a bit longer … nevertheless not weeks if you remain in an eliminated area!  

Enough Time To Complete Your Course

Some students worry that they will not have sufficient time to finish their course. Do not tension! If you need to study a bit slower, then you can get a course extension. That offers you more time to study and complete your course. We will assist you prepare your distance learning research studies, so you can finish it bit by bit. And if you require a course extension, we will not charge you a re-registration charge. Normally you simply continue paying your routine monthly study expense for the additional time you need. Call the college and request for an extension when you see that you will not have enough time. We will happily help you with this.  

The Right Advice

When you sign up for a course, you ought to make specific you got suitable guidance on your research studies. You can not make a life choice as important as this by searching the web and emailing some problems. You need to invest appropriate time talking to a certified course expert who can encourage you. We always motivate potential students to call us and spend proper time on the phone getting great suggestions. Our course experts and registrars get along individuals who delight in assisting trainees. They will ask you lots of issues about exactly what you want to study and exactly what you need your correspondence course studies for. In this method they make certain that you sign up on a course that will provide you exactly what you require. Your study notes and books are essential to your distance learning studies. The study notes are comprised of bits that are little enough that you can do one area in your day-to-day study time. Some of the older correspondence and distance education colleges may still send your study material through the Post Office. We help you speed your distance education research studies by assisting you in developing a study calendar for the year. They will ask you good deals of concerns about precisely what you wish to study and exactly what you require your distance learning research studies for. | unisa accounting short courses Last Updated: March 20th, 2017